Down Home & Delicious, Light & Tasty, & Special Dietary Needs

Welcome to MISS'IPI CHEF - We are mobile caterers and personal chefs serving Oregon and Washington. We're here to bring you light & Tasty, or Down Home & Delicious - Home Style food prepared with love. We'll also deliver catered meals for individuals.

Down Home & Delicious, Light & Tasty, & Special Dietary Needs

We offer all cooking styles, from the traditional cuisine you were raised on or a cuisine with twist of lower calorie ingredients, or dietary restrictions to suite your needs. Our Cuisine will make you feel like you're "At Home" - from anywhere across the country. And our dietary restricted desserts can be sugar free or any other modification with full flavor.

Customizing our menus for diversity makes MISS'IPI CHEF stand out.

Down Home & Delicious Desserts are Miss'ipi Style.

Light & Tasty Desserts are made with low cal and or gluten free ingredients.

Let your Taste Buds Choose!

8818 N Curtis Ave
Portland Oregon 97217

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